Receive healing, wisdom and  women’s teachings at our Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.

The Sweat Lodge is a place of purification and healing while reconnecting to the womb of Mother Earth.  It is good for those who need healing, guidance, purification and inspiration and for those who wish to re- connect to the Medicines of Great Spirit and Mother Earth.  The most effective way to prepare for a Sweat involves abstaining from alcohol and gathering your prayers and your intentions for two to three days before the ceremony. 

We will gather for a feast after each sweat to celebrate and share our experiences.

It is important to wear appropriate clothing during a Sweat:  We recommend wearing a cotton skirt and top and that you avoid wearing: jewelry, undergarments with metal hooks, and perfumes.

In order to participate in the Sweat, we request that each participant bring a tobacco offering, and a dish for the feast.  A gift or donation for the Fire Keeper is also appreciated.

TBADue to COVID 19 Province of Ontario Emergency Guidelines





A Chacaruna is a “Spiritual Leader” who has received the 7 Chacaruna rites, which form the fundamental foundation for true self-healing. They are often called upon to hold sacred space, lead prayers and conduct sacred ceremonies.

Chacaruna derives its origin from the Quechua word “chacana”, which means bridge and “runa” which means person. To be a “Chacaruna” is to be a person who is a bridge between worlds.

Receiving the 7 Chacaruna rites will ignite and awaken your divine blueprint and sleeping spirit so that you can attain higher levels of consciousness. You will learn to heal yourself, and bring healing to Mother Earth.  The rites will reweave you back into the cosmic grid, allowing you to develop your individual gifts, medicines, and talents.  You will be empowered to forge your own path and fulfill your soul destiny.

During this two-year 7 module Chacaruna program you will:

  • Learn to connect to your gifts and medicines
  • Learn how to honour and work with sacred medicines
  • Learn to apply ancient wisdom and symbols
  • Learn how to heal Mother Earth
  • Develop your spiritual practice and learn to walk a spiritual path
  • Conduct sacred ceremonies

Each of the 7 initiations will be offered in a weekend retreat format: Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Location:  324 Harold Road, Stirling, Ontario  K0K 3E0

Instructor:  Sachi, Flying Eagle Medicine Woman (Q’ero Chacaruna)

Notes:  Participants are encouraged to bring sleeping bags and pillows.  Common space for sleeping is provided. However should you wish to make  alternative sleeping arrangements there are hotels and Bed & Breakfasts  in the surrounding communities.


Initiation 1: Water Mother 

Since the beginning of time we have been connected to water. Water has been essential for: creation, sustenance, sacred ceremonies & healing, transition to the afterlife/other worlds, agriculture, travel, and recreation. Water is a “shape shifter medicine” that can take the form of  ice, rain, steam, or torrent.  She is the great cleanser with the ability to clear the earth, sky and our body.

As a natural medicine of purification, water has been used as a means of removing uncleanliness, either ritual, moral or spiritual.

During this retreat you will:

  • Learn about the spirit and intelligence of living water.
  • Understand and form a relationship with living water. 
  • Discover your duties to living water as a Chacaruna. 
  • Receive the Water Initiation Rite.

Prerequisite:   None

Initiation 2: Mother Earth

We are the caretakers of Mother Earth (Pacha Mama) and are tasked with protecting her water, land, and air.  We are interwoven into her fabric and depend on her for sustenance and healing.  Through the power of her sacred sites, we are granted access to ancient wisdom and other worlds.  Mother Earth provides the medicines of plants, stones, minerals, water, and fire which are the foundations for materials, tools, shelter, clothing and ceremony.  Upon our death, we return to Mother Earth and become one with her once more. 

As caretakers of Mother Earth we must respect her gifts through reverence, humility, and reciprocity.

During this retreat you will:

  • Learn about the spirit and intelligence of Mother Earth.
  • Learn how to form a relationship with Mother Earth. 
  • Discover your duties to Mother Earth as a Chacaruna. 
  • Receive the Earth Initiation Rite.

Prerequisite:   Initiation 1: Water Mother


Initiation 3: Crystalline Matrix

  • Learn about the power and intelligence of the matrix.
  • Learn how to re-connect to the matrix. 
  • Receive the Crystalline Rite.

Day 1:    Friday, August 21st, 2020, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm.
Day 2:    Saturday, August 22nd, 2020, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
Day 3:    Sunday, August 23rd, 2020, 8:00 am – 4:0pm.

Prerequisite:   Initiation 2: Mother Earth

Cost:      $875 +HSTPrice includes weekend accommodation and meals.

Refund Policy: No refunds after Friday, August 14, 2020

Initiation 4: The Veils

As we become more spiritually awakened, our spiritual sight is activated and our awareness of the veils that exist between this world and the spirit world heightens. We also become aware of that there is significance and purpose behind their presence.

During this retreat you will:

  • Learn how understand and acknowledge your personal Veils.
  • Learn how to journey through the Veils and understand their purpose.
  • Learn how to access the veils between this world and the spirit world.
  • Receive the Rite to access the Veils.
 Prerequisite:   Initiation 3: Crystalline Matrix


Initiation 5: Darkness and Light
  • Discover the relationship between dark and light within and around you.
  • Deepen your understanding of the sources of light that nourish us.
  • Become one with the power of light medicine.
  • Receive the Rite of the Illiasca (ee-lee-ya-ska) an illumined person.

Prerequisite:  Initiation 4: The Veils


Initiation 6: Unseen Worlds

  • The inner worlds: Re-weaving the spiritual vessel.
  • Discard entanglements that are holding you back from who you can be.
  • Re-align your relationship with yourself.
  • Receive the Rite of “Fire”.

Prerequisite:  Initiation 5: Darkness and Light


Initiation 7: The Cosmos

The cosmos is made up of a combination of sacred patterns, frequencies, light and sound combined. This interwoven Cosmic Grid exists all around us. It is living and possesses intelligence.   The Cosmic Grid mirrors what Indigenous peoples refer to as the “Sacred Web of Life”.

Spiritual sickness occurs when we disconnect from the Cosmic Grid.

During this retreat you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the spiritual cosmos.
  • Learn to release what is blocking you from serving your higher purpose as a thread within the Cosmic Grid.
  • Learn to access the wisdom of the Cosmic Grid.
  • Integrate the teachings of the 7 Initiations.
  • Receive the Rite of the Cosmos.

Prerequisite:   Initiation 6: Unseen Worlds



Women’s Retreat Workshop



During this two day retreat workshop you will learn to:

  • Develop skills to release body shame and build confidence
  • Unlearn toxic body thoughts
  • Re-gain body confidence through building body wisdom
  • Learn how to heal your relationship with your body using sacred pleasure medicine
  • Explore and reclaim your potential for feeling beautiful, desirable and worthy
  • Release fear around our sensuality and sexuality
  • Learn to redefine and re-embrace sacred pleasure
  • Heal your relationship with yourself

Date & Time : Coming Summer 2020

Place:  324 Harold Road, Stirling, Ontario K0K 3E0 

Instructors:  Luna Matatas, Pleasure Educator
                      Sachi, Flying Eagle Medicine Woman, Chacaruna & Indigenous Healer



Do you long to know and heal yourself?

During this two day workshop you will:

  • Learn about your sacredness as a woman
  • Receive Indigenous teachings on how to nourish your physical and spiritual health
  • Discover your Medicine Bowl and its role in your physical and spiritual health
  • Reconnect to and reactivate your power centres.
  • Learn about the sacred gifts of womanhood through Indigenous wisdom
  • Re awaken the parts of yourself that you have forgotten
  • Receive guidance on how to integrate Indigenous teachings to make positive personal and life changes.

2020 Date Coming Soon 

Instructor:  Sachi, Flying Eagle Medicine Woman



As we navigate through life, we can experience hurtful events both as the observer and the receiver.  When we don’t let go, our spirits can become broken. When our spirit is broken we forget that we are worthy, valued and deserving of love.
Indigenous Teachings help us to remember the value of our unique inner light, and rebuild our spirit, through healing and gathering of its broken parts. Indigenous Teachings also help us to see what is true about ourselves and what we need to release.  
During this one day workshop you will:
  • Receive insight into the broken areas of your spirit
  • Receive guidance on how the broken parts of yourself are affecting your life
  • Learn how Indigenous Medicines heal and remove the seeds of low self worth and poor confidence
  • Begin releasing and healing what is feeding your feelings of low self worth and Self Confidence

2020 Date Coming Soon

Instructor:  Sachi, Flying Eagle Medicine Woman